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Please, call me Cast! My hobbies include making a rather big fuss about My Diminutive Equine: Companionship Possesses Mystical Qualities, laughing at my own jokes, and hot old men. My hobbies do not include writing self-summaries.

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idk i just worry a lot that i’m TOO pushy with dislestia

i just think about it a lot and it makes me happy, but the whole point is to share that happiness, not push it on people and make them feel like i’m disrespecting their ship

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An unpleasant vent on shippers, move along, it stinks in here.


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I’m really sorry people have been so rude…if I’ve ever made you feel judged or unwelcome for shipping Discord with someone other than Celestia, I’m truly sorry. I get overzealous about my ship, but it’s meant to be in good fun. The instant it stops being funny, it’s no longer worth it. So…I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds in that regard, and will keep a closer eye on how I discuss things in the future.

I love what you guys have done with ChrysCord. What matters to me is chemistry, and you’ve done such a good job of building up really compelling, interesting chemistry between them in a way I’ve not seen done with those characters before. It’s different. I like different.

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yo also shoutout to the character in the book of life whose gender is never mentioned and has a crush on both la muerte and xibalba


Here is a list of companies that will hire felons. Please share this and repost if you know of people who are looking to better their lives and work.


Valkyr by NessaCity

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ughhhh why do people like that get into mlp

this is a show about women and how great they are


are you lost???

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Do not talk to Anthony Aguliar, Or Sheldon780 (Pony Phuckcast).

I joined this group, PFC Light Limbo, and it was a big mistake. I was sexually harassed, manipulated,  and spoken about behind my back.

This is just some of the conversation that went down last night, and it was sexist, racist (But I don’t think I documented that) and I wasn’t angry as a woman, I was angry as a person

I blanked out everybody that wasn’t involved to protect them, so please don’t ask.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it made me really upset and kinda angry. I want to make sure that nobody gets hurt and these two are called out on their bullshit.

Be careful, the logs above are heavily edited and do not show the full conversation.  Check out sheldon780's reblogged post to see the full story:

You will see that statisticallyunderthecurve was flirting back and did not express any discomfort until the very end right before she left.  You will also see that he said he would stop because she asked him to do so.

…OP literally posted caps and the other person posted text. you know, stuff that’s a LOT easier to edit and add shit in if you want to? And there’s literally no goddamn difference: they were expressing discomfort all the way through and if you can’t pick up on that, I don’t even know what to say to you.

I especially like the part where he called her a bitch after posting his ~damning~ evidence. TOTALLY proves he’s not a sexist asshole.